The 2 Red Flags That It Is Time Move Construction Companies?


Some time ago LinkedIn the world’s largest online social network for business professionals, created a Talent Trends survey. They surveyed over 18,000 professionals from all industries across the world.

There is a myth that people aren’t looking to move organisations. This data dispels it. The results were as follows.

12% – Actively looking for a new job

13% – Casually looking for a new job

15% – Reaching out to their personal network about possible opportunities

45% – Open to talking to a specialist recruiter

15% – Satisfied in their job and not wanting a move.

This is obviously across a range of companies however it shows the trend that more people than you might realise would consider a move, 85% according to this data.

Could this be you? If you are open to moving construction companies it will be motivated by something.

Below are two reasons that are unlikely to go away and will probably be the reason that you move up the scale from, interested to reviewing your options.


Passed over for promotion and opportunity



This can happen at any point and often occurs a couple of times during the working year at half year and full year performance reviews. If this is the first time this has happened it is likely that you may need some development in a particular area that has been highlighted. All good if it means that you can take action in your current company. This might then put you in a different position.

If this has happened on more than a couple of occasions and you have focused on the development areas suggested; it could be a case that your ‘face doesn’t fit’.  Not nice to experience and it does happen.

If this is a consistent pattern it isn’t going to change and you will need to make a decision about your next steps. It is often down to the next reason why this happens….


Cultural mismatch



Company culture is a fascinating topic. Though it is driven by the people in an organisation it’s generally lead by the senior team. If it changes so does the culture. Recently a running buddy of mine had this exact experience of a total culture shift in the organisation, on the back of a change in the board. The culture changed to a point where he decided to move. I won’t go into detail and I am sure many of you reading this article will know what I mean.

As an example if your background is working for dynamic organisations where the job has to get done, no matter what, you might find it a culture shock to work somewhere more laid back, where everyone clocks off at the same time each day, regardless of where the project is at. If you’re hard working and results driven, you won’t thrive in a company full of people that aren’t. Time to move on and work with like-minded people.

So if you recognise any of these signs, it might just be time to begin your job search. Talk to a specialist agency and you won’t just make your search easier, you’ve got much more chance of securing the right job for you.


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