5 Steps Construction Employers Can Take to Attract Top Talent

The construction sector is competitive and if you want your business to remain viable and grow, you need to have the right calibre of staff. That means attracting talent, but as you’re probably aware, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

At Humresconstruction we’ve been successfully recruiting in the sector for a number of years for many of the industry’s biggest and best companies. Here are five steps that you can take to attract the talent you require for your construction business.


1. Utilise the size of your construction company



Many people think that it’s much easier for the bigger companies in this sector to attract talent because they often have the bigger, higher profile clients and contracts. This may be true and access to these types of projects is something that any company of that size should sell itself on. However, smaller companies have something unique to offer too.

Small to medium size companies are able to offer candidates the chance to work on projects from inception to completion. This can be very attractive to good candidates as it gives them many opportunity to grow as a professional in addition to having project ownership and the satisfaction of seeing a project through from beginning to end.


2. Salary and bonus



Candidates will often ask about salary before they decide to allow their CV to be put forward. If your company isn’t offering an attractive salary and benefits package, then you’re immediately making things difficult for yourself. Don’t think it’s all about actual salary though. You don’t have to be the highest paying company to attract the best candidates. As long as your salary range is within industry expected levels, you can make your company attractive in other ways, such as the benefits and opportunities that it offers which we cover later in this article.


3. Training and development



Many candidates are driven by money, but those regarded as ‘top talent’ are driven by something else too; their career. If you can offer a good training and development package, this will often outshine a higher salary. The benefits are you get an ambitious candidate trained to your own exacting standards and you’ll also find it easier to retain their commitment to building their career with you, because you have invested in them. Utilise this across your business alongside training managers to coach, motivate and educate staff and it will have a positive effect on your business.


4. Career opportunities



Alongside training and development, if you can evidence a policy of promoting talent from within, this can also be highly attractive to high quality candidates who are looking for eventual career opportunities that include advancement.

It can be especially useful for smaller to medium size firms who can often afford to give candidates are wider scope of experience.


5. Company culture and reputation



What’s your company culture and reputation in the industry like? Is it attractive to potential candidates? By asking these questions and answering them honestly, you may find areas of your business that are putting off potential candidates. It may be that your business (rightly or wrongly) come across as old-fashioned or too traditional, or your web presence is poor compared to your competitors. If there are things that are putting off candidates, you need to know about them and you need to fix them.

If you’re struggling to attract the right quality of staff to your construction business, why not give us a call? We’ll be happy to help you get the right member of staff for your business.

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