Are You Suffering From Mid Year Career Blues?

We’re at the halfway point of the year signified by the summer solstice. It’s known to signify a time of renewal and powerful growth as it marks the start of the second half of the year. Who hasn’t said; “after my holidays I am going to do XYZ?” As a specialist recruiter throughout the summer we have many phone calls as employees at all levels of their construction career review where they are and if it matches their expectations earlier in the year.



If this applies to you as you take stock of your career path in construction. Here are four classic questions to answer when the career blues start.

  • Are you enjoying your job?
  • Are you happy with the way it is progressing?
  • Are you getting an opportunity to work on new projects?
  • Are you developing your ‘skill set’?

You may be one of the lucky ones, working for a construction company you like in a role that you love, where you get job satisfaction and you are constantly developed as a professional through development and training.

That isn’t the case for many people. Whilst in years gone by many people simply stayed in a job because it offered security, in today’s skills depleted market the world really is your oyster with great career opportunities being readily available.


Should I stay or should I go?



If you’re tempted to stay in your job even if it isn’t challenging you any more or offering you job satisfaction, then you could find yourself going stale and starting to function on auto-pilot.

You also risk complacency and the false view you’re indispensable or even worse, you could start being taken for granted and over looked for key new projects or promotion.

To avoid any of these outcomes, it’s time to start being honest with yourself and asking these questions:


Is my career where I wanted it to be?



You probably had some sort of plan when you started out, where are you compared to that? If you are where you wanted to be; great. If not, why not? Will your current employer be able to facilitate your ambitions and plans?


Am I getting a wide range of experience?



In the constantly evolving world of construction you need to be developing your breadth of experience across different projects within your organisation. Is this happening or not? If you’ve been pigeon-holed into doing a particular role or project, it could be harmful for your future career prospects as it’s likely that your current employee has a specific ‘view’ of you and where you fit in the organisation. Unfortunately this is common and hard to break out of, often only altered by a change of manager or company.

Whether its promotion or working on bigger and better projects, are you progressing? Or do you feel trapped doing the same things over and over again?


And finally…… I being paid enough?



It’s easy to lose touch with current salary trends and expectations when you’ve worked at the same company for a number of years. The company ‘gossip grapevine’ isn’t always correct

Instead talk to a specialist construction industry recruiter like ourselves. We place hundreds of candidates a year and will be able to give you a factual answer to where your salary stands in the industry.


The next step



If you’ve asked yourself all of these questions and think that it’s time to consider a move, then it’s crucial you take the best advice available.

At Humrescontruction, we specialise in the construction industry and can give you straightforward, impartial advice as to the best career options available for you.

Best regards,