Looking for a Job Whilst in Employment

Looking for a job when still employed can be a daunting prospect. It can be difficult to find the necessary time and you don’t want to alert your current employer thereby risking your present position.

However, there are many reasons that drive us to look for new employment whilst still employed. These are typically one, or a combination, of the following: a lack of challenge, boredom, a desire to change environments, a change of personal circumstances or the need for an increase in salary package.

Therefore consider the following if you are looking for a new role whilst still in employment:

  • Before looking externally consider if there’s an opportunity within your own company. Most companies prefer to promote from within. Look for any possible openings that may suit your experience or aspirations. In general, companies will give preference to candidates that are known quantities and you might find it easier to move up then out.
  • Discretion is paramount. It is dangerous to confide in colleagues, the more people you talk to the more chance your line manager has of hearing about your plans. Keep quiet until you are guaranteed a new role.
  • Following an organized and systematic approach to searching can help you get a job faster. Allocate time slots for your job search and stick to them. This might involve sacrificing some free time or hobbies but ask yourself if it will be worth it in the long run.
  • Good networking can do wonders for your job search. Make a conscious effort to expand your circle of contacts by getting involved in associations and networking groups. People love to hire from the back of recommendations.
  • Don’t exploit office resources for your job search. It is inappropriate and unethical to use your current employers resources for your search. Refrain from any activity in your current work place that can land you in trouble due to evidence that might get left behind accidentally.
  • Pay attention to how you dress on your interview day. Replacing your customary casual attire with a suit jacket can arouse suspicion in your work place. If possible, carry a change to avoid unnecessary attention or take half a day off.
  • Appoint professional recruitment agencies to distribute your CV. This will aid in keeping your applications confidential and can also help hone your CV and interview skills if you’ve been out of the scene for a while.
  • Your current company will frequent job sites as much as your new company. Stick to job sites which keep contact and employer information confidential.
  • Don’t apply if you’re on the fence or can’t commit to interviews. Hiring managers understand the need to make accommodation for an interview; excuses will put them off.
  • The company pays you to work rather than searching jobs; restrict any job-search activity to your personal time. As mentioned, stick to a game plan without comprising your on-the-job productivity.
  • Don’t let your commitment or quality of work slide, honour your current job and employer. Any impertinent conduct towards your employer or superiors can spoil your current job status, as well as future references.