Are You Maximising Your Relationship With Your Recruitment Consultant?

When you are looking for a new role in construction or any of the allied sectors, much of what people do is on auto-pilot. Uploading your CV on job boards, talking to friends and colleagues about any vacancies they know about and signing up with a recruitment agency.



The first two steps are absolutely fine, as is the third, but the key to ensuring you get your dream career move is to register with a recruitment consultant AND maximise your relationship with them. Here are some tips to help you do just that:


Make sure you use a specialist recruiter

If you have a specific type of role in mind, and have specific qualifications and experience in that sector, then use a specialist recruiter. All recruitment consultants are not the same.

High street, general recruitment agencies are fine if you’re going for general admin jobs for example. But if you’re at a management or professional level in your career, you owe it to yourself to use a specialist.

Specialist recruiters have an enviable contact list; for every job you will see advertised on a job board, there are many more filled by specialist consultants that you ‘ll never see. Employing a specialist recruiter gives you access to a whole new range of vacancies, maximising your chance of finding the right one for you.


Never Send Them Your Basic CV

There are plenty of agencies out there who simply mass email CVs to as many businesses they can think of. They might find a job on the company’s website, track down the likely hiring manager on LinkedIn, work out an email address and spam your CV across without you knowing. They hope the hiring manager bites (and if your CV is good, they might). They then try to back sell you role despite already having told the hiring manager that you’re super interested. Not good and unfortunately it still happens. So as a first start make sure you CV is tailored to you and your skills



Respect your consultant’s skills and contacts

Don’t register with a multitude of agencies. If you’ve enrolled the help of a specialist consultant, if there’s a suitable job out there for you, they’ll find it.

If you’re after a minimum wage job, it may be a numbers game and making as many applications as you can might work, but at a more professional level, it’s all about targeting the right roles at the right companies. Working one-on-one with your consultant will help you do this in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Be open and honest

 The more open and honest you are, the better chances of you getting the right role for you. A recruitment consultant can help you with numerous things such as;

  • Developing your approach to interviews up your CV and
  • brushing up your interview skills



Tell them what you’re not sure about then if you do have any gaps in your CV, they’ll discuss with you the best way to approach this in an interview. If you’ve made a direct application somewhere, tell them.

They’ll be thankful and can spend their valuable time focussing their efforts elsewhere for you. Keep them updated with what is happening at your side and they will do the same to you.

Finding a new role can be drawn out process, and receiving regular updates from your consultant is reassuring.

Maximising your relationship with your recruitment consultant will not only help you get the right role much quicker, it will make the whole job search process, focused.


Best regards