Second Interviews

First interviews are about getting a feel for a candidate and allow recruiters and hiring managers to make a short list. If you have passed this stage you will be invited for a more thorough second interview.

People you will be working with closely such as your boss, colleagues etc. will often conduct second interviews.

They will typically be much tougher and may involve some form of psychometric testing. The interviewers probe in a more in-depth fashion and you may be asked some thorny questions.

If you were weak in any area during first interview expect to be probed on this again. For this reason, it is critical you prepare for a second interview just as thoroughly as the first.

Remember you are now up against tough opposition. Don’t run the risk of becoming blasé thinking that as you have passed the first interview you are flying.

Stand out by mentioning relevant industry issues, asking technical questions and stating your interest in the role. Prepare a response for if you were offered the job on the spot and consider what type of offer you would accept.