The 7 Easiest Ways To Attract Top Talent In The Construction Sector



We all frequently hear how competitive the market is when it comes to attracting top talent. Like myself you may have heard the phrase, “A war on talent”. Well in the bigger scheme of things I am not sure a ‘war’ is what I would call it. However, of the many things I have learnt during my career in the construction recruitment sector it is that there are certain actions that employers can take to put themselves in a position to attract the quality of talent they need to deliver projects and grow their organisation.

While what I am about to share may not be a big surprise, what differentiates those companies who are successful at attracting talent from those who struggle is this: Taking action and implementation on tested proven strategies.

If you implement the following 7 strategies, I am convinced you will notice a different in your company’s ability to attract top talent.

1. Know Who Are Your Best Employees



Firstly, be clear who the best employees are in your organisation. It doesn’t matter if they are an estimator, senior project manager or designer.

How will this help? This means that you will know the exact competencies and personal characteristics that work in your organisation when it comes to identifying the ‘best’ employees.

2. Understand What Is Important To Your Potential Talent

When you are looking to attract top talent, it’s important to understand what motivates and inspires candidate’s to invest their expertise and skills in your company. When you are actively promoting your company culture, vision, values and opportunities potential employees get a flavour of what it will be like to work for you.

3. Value alignment

Top performers want to work with a company when they see and experience a close affinity and alignment between their personal values and the company’s corporate values. If you haven’t yet identified your company values this is an exercise I would strongly recommend you do. Then actively promote the values on your website, across social media and within your office and working environments. For example:

What are the foundations your company is built on? Great customer experiences, innovation, trust and thought leadership.

What is your company known for? Is it rewarding teamwork or competitiveness? Individuality or conformity?

Promoting your company values will help to attract potential employees who share your values, thinking and often you way of working.

4. Have a Compelling Employee Offer

Top performers, particularly from generation Y want to know what makes your company different and what do you have to offer them. This can include any of the following:

  • What kind of culture is promoted?
  • How is achievement recognised and rewarded?
  • What development opportunities are available to high achievers?
  • How does the company contribute to the local community through corporate social responsibility?
  • What social activities take place across the company? For many employees today their work and social life are closely entwined
  • What does the company financial package include? For example, increasingly companies focus on health and wellbeing with discounts on gym membership’s

Have a plan and actively promote these attributes through your website, on social media, via your public relations team/agency, in your advertising including recruitment advertising and by good old word of mouth.  Make it easy for prospective talent to see and even experience the value in joining your company.

5. Development and Career Opportunities

Knowing how they can personally and professionally develop themselves and how this will lead to further career opportunities is crucial for many high achievers. Understanding what career pathways there are, what training programmes they can access, what kind of coaching and mentoring they will have access to will be important. In addition they will be attracted to companies where there is a culture of learning, where high achievement is recognised and rewarded. Remember that existing employees will also benefit from you having the above in place both in terms of motivation and retention.

6. Have a Streamlined and Thorough Recruitment Process

The recruitment process can vary from a ‘come and see me for a chat and coffee’ to a more formal process that is designed to ensure the business employs the right candidate. As I have discussed in recent weeks, the former approach too often leads to new hires not lasting the distance and yet the latter can drag on for a few too many weeks. Too often this means you risk losing out on the top talent you wanted to employ.



People generally respond positively to a company when there is a streamlined process and where get back to interviewees quickly, even if they did not get the position. Also moving quickly gives you a significant competitive advantage over your competition

7. On boarding

Once you have brought somebody into the company ensure you have a formal and thorough “on boarding” programme. A number of studies have shown that the first 100 days are critical for helping people feel ‘part of the team’ and, when they do, they are both more engaged and committed to the company and its goals.

Going back to the question we started with about how do you attract top talent remember when you create a culture where people are recognised, engaged and they believe in what they are doing, people not only stay with the organisation but attract others there as well.

Which of these strategies are most effective for you? What do you do that’s different?

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.


Best regards