Top 6 Interview Questions Most Hiring Managers Ask

Competition is tough for the best roles in construction, and preparation is key for interview success. Take a look at our list of the top 6 interview questions that hiring managers most commonly ask and our ideas on how you should approach answering them.


Tell me about yourself

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This is the question that most interviews start with, as it is friendly, conversational and lets you give them a bit of background information about yourself. Your answer should be well rehearsed and subtly focussed on the expertise and competencies needed for the job in question. Therefore, rather than focussing on your personal life and outside interests, you should focus upon what type of person you are, what sort of skills and attributes you have and convey your enthusiasm for the job.


What are your greatest strengths?

You’ll know from the job spec what key skills and strengths they are looking for, so it is these that you have to concentrate on. You may have some exceptional abilities in other areas, but if they’re not listed as being required for the job, then using these examples will only serve to distract from the skills they are asking for.


What is your greatest weakness?

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This is always a difficult question, but you should never answer that you don’t have any, as that is unrealistic. Your answer should be a weakness that wouldn’t matter to the job in question. For example, if the construction company you are interviewing with only works in the UK, you might say that you regret not being able to speak a foreign language. Or, cite a weakness that can be perceived as a positive, such as ‘I like to get things done and make things happen. I get frustrated if I have to spend too long discussing things without action’.


Why did you leave your last job?

Whatever the reason, your answer should be upbeat and positive. You should never criticise a former employer, and you should focus on how you are relishing a new challenge.


What do you know about our company?

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Lets rephrase this. The best research method to take here is to talk to your recruitment consultant. He or she will know everything about the organisations you are applying to. In fact you will glean much more than on any website. The areas your construction recruitment consultant can help you with is.

  • Company structure
  • Company finances
  • Services
  • Key staff
  • Key customers, competitors and market trends
  • Company culture
  • Career paths
  • Best way to stand out

It’s always worth researching yourself however the real gold will always come from your recruitment consultant

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