Why Most Construction Recruiters Are Not Worth Working With


Choose wisely when registering with a construction recruiter, at the end of the day your career is at stake.


If you’re in the market for your next construction role, faced with a bewildering array of vacancies, opportunities and job boards, it’s a savvy decision to register at a specialist construction recruitment agency.


The value of using a recruiter is clear. According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s survey in 2012, 77% of jobseekers who have used a recruitment agency think recruiters play an important role helping people find jobs and 72% of those who have used one in the past said they would use a recruiter again.


Our own satisfaction rates are even more impressive. Why? Because not all specialist recruiters are the same. There are so many that offer a poor service that simply isn’t up to scratch. Our knowledge, contacts, honesty and transparency have clients and candidates coming back to us time-after-time. If you’re registered with an agency and you don’t think your job search is as effective as it can be, here are three questions to ask which will help you ascertain if they are worth working with:


Are they knowledgeable about the construction industry and in particular the niche that you work in?


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A specialist construction recruiter should have their finger on the pulse of industry news, views and developments. The simplest way to find out if your recruiter is knowledgeable about construction is to ask them! If they aren’t aware of who are the movers and shakers, what the latest developments are or what are the pressing issues that the industry faces, they are not going to be much help in securing your next role. Here at Humres we play an active role within the industry and we are recognised by many of the leading companies as a premier construction recruiter.


Are they communicating with you regularly?


It’s important that you and your consultant communicate with each other on a regular basis. It’s not about them updating you with everything they do for you, but simply informing you of any important issues or events you need to know about. If you’ve been for interviews and you’re continually having to chase your consultant to know the outcomes, then you’re being short-changed. At Humres, whether we are passing on good or bad news, we know that communication is everything.


Are they being honest with you?


As well as the frequency of communication, it’s important that your consultant is open and honest with you. If your consultant is ‘selling’ every job to you, then alarm bells should ring. A good consultant will spell out clearly why a certain job is, or is not right for you. The same goes for interview feedback. If you want to be as effective as you can as a jobseeker, you need a consultant who will give you honest feedback, even when it may be tough to hear. You need to know what you are doing wrong so you can improve.


What next?


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Don’t just register with the first agency that you come across. If you want the best chance of securing the right job for you, you don’t just need a specialist agency, you need one that is well-known and highly respected in the construction sector. Here at Humres, many of the leading construction companies work exclusively with ourselves, testament to our outstanding levels of service.


If you’d like to discuss the next step in your construction career, call one of our team of highly experienced consultants today on 0203 640 8989 or email your CV to info@humres.co.uk.


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